The Balance Brush in action

What's so special?

Wether you are using The Balance Brush in the salon as a professional or at home as part of your daily  beauty regime you will find it makes blow drying hair much easier & faster. it is the answer to our hair prayers. How many times have you spoken the words 'I wish I could dry my hair like this at home' or heard your clients utter these words? Im guessing alot!


You will spend less time wrestling with chunky section of hair as the patented compact barrel will pick up the exact amount of hair your blow dryer needs to work on. Once you have finished smoothing your section you can move onto the next section without the previously dried section being disturbed like with larger bulkier round brushes. You won't experience any hand or wrist pain as the handle has been carefully designed by our creator and hairdresser Anna Chiesa. The Balance Brush will leave even the driest most unruly hair super smooth until your next blow dry. A revolutionary Hairbrush that delivers amazing glossy results every time. Don't wait another minute to get your hands on one. Your hair will thank you for it.