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The worlds first compact barrelled blow-dry brush!

With patented technology The Balance Brush will move easily through your hair creating smooth hair that is FULL of LIFE and BOUNCE



Compact Barrel

The Balance Brush has a patented COMPACT barrel. This allows you to concentrate on precise sections of hair when blow drying.  Hugging the contours of the head where larger, more bulky barrels will get in the way.


A balanced weight distribution is important and makes The Balance Brush comfortable to use. With the ability to balance the tension of the hair, The Balance Brush moves quickly through the hair producing smooth results with less heat damage, eliminating the need for straighteners leading to healthier shinier hair. 

Smooth Results

Blow drying with The Balance Brush helps you achieve smooth results in less time than standard blow dry brushes. The smaller barrel allows for more precision and eliminates the need for straightening tools, enabling you to achieve salon results at home. 

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This is actually one of the best brushes I've used. Im so bad at drying my hair, it always looks so flat and frizzy. After using The Balance Brush my hair actually looks like I've just been to the salon! Was so easy to use and I usually struggle so much! Could not recommend this enough! 10/10
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